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Five Natural Remedies for Itchy Dogs

Seasonal allergies develop when our dog’s immune system mistakenly identifies a substance, like pollen, as harmful. In turn this can cause itchy skin, watery eyes, sneezing, or a runny nose.

The good news is that there are plenty of all natural ways to treat occasional or mild itchiness. Read on for five super simple ways that can give your itchy pup some relief!

Did you know mild itching can be a sign that your dog is suffering from allergies?

Always consult your veterinarian if your pup experiences more serious symptoms.

Oatmeal Baths to Reduce Inflammation

Giving your pooch an oatmeal bath regularly can seriously soothe their itchy skin. It reduces the inflammation and washes away allergens that get trapped in their fur. Simply grind regular, uncooked oatmeal (sugar free) into a fine powder using a blender or food processor. Pour it into your dog’s warm bath water, give it a few swirls, and let your dog soak in it before using a quality shampoo. This can ease the redness and itchiness from your dog’s uncomfortable skin. Even a ‘foot bath’ will alleviate their tendency to chew those itchy feet!

Boost Their Immune System

Along with these topical remedies, you also want to work from the inside, out. Since seasonal allergies are directly linked with the immune system, boosting your dog’s immunity with Immune Pup will naturally give him the support to fight off those pesky symptoms. Bee pollen, colostrum, and vitamin C fight off allergies while wild Alaskan salmon oil reduces itchy skin.

Keep Fur Clean and Brushed

The most overlooked allergen remedy is the power of grooming. If you have a dog with hair that grows long, make frequent visits to the groomer and keep their coat in a short cut. Fur traps a variety of allergens and keeping the hair short will naturally reduce that.

Brush your pup frequently to remove loose dander and hair that holds on to allergens. It’s always best to do the brushing outside, that way you keep the removed dander from collecting in your home.

Coconut Oil for Hot Spots

Use solidified coconut oil to provide relief from doggy eczema, allergies, and even bug bites. Massage a small scoop into the coat and skin where hot spots occur. We always recommend using high quality or organic coconut oil when possible so you know you are always using safe products on your pup.

Wash Their Beds and Blankets

We recommend washing your dog’s bed, blankets, and toys more often during allergy season. Choosing beds that are designed with a removable cover that can be washed and dried are best. This helps rid allergen transfer back onto your pup’s skin and reduce the cycle of symptoms.

We all know living allergy free makes the world go round. Making sure your pup isn’t suffering from allergy symptoms by using these natural remedies will make for one happy, sniffle free pooch!