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Five Ways To Encourage Good Behavior In Your Dog

We all know how exciting it is to get a new dog and while you may be focused on the cuteness of those floppy ears, it’s important for them to learn good behavior as soon as possible. 

Training with a new dog can become very exhausting. Just think about how exhausting it can get raising a baby or toddler. This is not so much different than that.

Luckily, we have come up with a list of five ways you can encourage positive behavior. Although it’s not a list with training exercises and guides, it may still help your dog understand when they’re taking a step in the right direction.

Offer treats

When it comes to dogs, you can never go wrong with treats. Dog love treats. You can use treat reinforcement in literally any situation, from potty training to socialization. You use the treat reinforcement to allow your dog to understand that whenever they do something right, they get a treat.


Another form of positive reinforcement can be games. This can be simple games, such as tag, running around, frisbee or tug-of-war. 

Extra affection

Dogs love affection, they thrive of attention and affection. All they want is your love. Whenever your dog does something right, praise them with extra energy, rubbing their back, speaking to them with excitement and telling them they did a job well done. This will reinforce positive behavior and also means that if you don’t have a treat with you, they will still receive something good.

A special trip 

We all know just how extremely intelligent dogs are. They will eventually learn their favorite places to travel with their parents. This is also something you can use. Visiting their favorite places such as the pet store or the ice-cream shop as a reward for doing something big.


Socializing with your new dog is an important step in the first few weeks of having them. Your dog needs to get used to seeing other dogs as well as new people. Not everyone would agree, but dogs are actually very much social animals and love playdates. If your dog had a good day or a good week, you can tell them that and then take them to see their friends.

Professional help

When you are unable to teach the good behavior, you can always hire professional dog trainers to help you.