Agile Pup and the benefits of Anivestin™

Several bone and joint issues like osteoarthritis, hypertrophic osteodystrophy, hip dysplasia, etc. are very common in companion animals, affecting almost 9 million dogs in the USA.

Research calculated the prevalence of joint discomfort among the U.S. companion animal population is 6.5%. This discomfort usually caused by the breakdown of the cartilage of one or more joints, which results in pain, lameness, muscle atrophy, and swelling. Currently, there are dozens of joint health dietary supplements available in the market claiming their effectiveness to relieve joint pain and inflammation. These products usually take several weeks to months to get relief from your companion animal and have several side effects. The most common gastrointestinal side-effect includes anorexia, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. Another common problem comprises kidney, liver, or cardiovascular side effects due to the use of anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs for quick pain relief. For this reason, Pawlife has created the best joint supplement on the market “Agile Pup Broth Booster” which is widely recognized and recommended by veterinarians and pet nutritionists.

Flavored with smoky chicken, Pawlife’s Agile Pup Bone Broth Food Topper includes Anivestin™ as a major component that supports canine mobility. Anivestin™ usually extracted, enriched, and standardized for specific bioflavonoids of two herbs such as Scutellaria baicalensis and Acacia catechu. This specially formulated, patented natural ingredient helps to reduce joint inflammation and pain. Here are some other key benefits of ‘Anivestin™’ that you might need to look for:

  • In clinical trials, Anivestin™ reduced joint pain in dogs more effectively than Cosequin® DS (Barnett et al. 2009).
  • Anivestin™ inhibits COX/LOX enzymes and clinically proved its effectiveness to reduce joint inflammation and pain quickly with no side effects like other prescription or OTC drugs.
  • This helps to safely alleviate reduce stiffness and improve mobility of the joint.
  • Anivestin™ acts as a strong antioxidant that protects cells and cartilage from oxidative damage of free radicals.
  • This is a patent-protected component derived from two safe medicinal herbs.
  • Anivestin™ can easily use as an active agent in tablets, capsules, powders, liquids, etc.
  • Anivestin™ shows its effectiveness in both in vivo and in vitro models without any adverse effects.

    The supplement is recommended by 99% of veterinarians and includes natural ingredients like Apple Cider Vinegar, Balanced Kollagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Coconut Glycerin, Boswellia Serrata, Yucca Schidigera, and Vitamins E. This product has no artificial flavor or ingredients. Giving it regularly will help to prevent any kinds of joint issues. Your dog will love this dietary supplement because of its delicious natural chicken flavor. For 10 lbs of body weight of your dog, you need to apply 1 pump (4 ml) per day. Pawlife’s veterinarian recommended not to exceed 10 pumps a day. This will make your furry friends meal time more exciting so your dog can live a happy and active life for years to come!


    Reference: Barnett et al. 2009
    Cosequin® DS is a registered trademark of Nutramax Laboratories, Inc