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Basic Puppy Training

Puppy training is a great way to create a lifelong bonding between the owner and the puppy. It is a process by which a serious owner can create a well-trained dog in a later period. Puppy training helps the puppy to learn some basic life skills to be comfortable and confident enough to enjoy their interaction with other dogs, animals, humans, places, and activities.

Veterinarians recommend starting simple training as soon as they come home, typically around 7 weeks of age. A short, 5 to 10 minutes of the training session with a positive treat at the end can make your four-legged friend happy. Owners need to exhibit a lot of patience during the training. It is common that your puppy will face some difficulties during his first few days. But your encouragement and praise can inspire him to do good. You need to avoid boredom and harsh training.

Teaching Your Puppy 5 Basic Command

  1. Come


 “Come” is the first and most important command during a training program. You need to begin this session by calling your puppy by his name or the word “come”. Each time they respond, give them a treat. This is simple and easy training to start. Repeat this several times and praise your puppy always to get an excellent result.

  1. Walk


The second most important command during a puppy training program is “walk”, “heel”, or “forward”. This command guides puppy to walk beside you. Any of these words direct your puppy to walk on your left or right side with his head at the level of your knee. Wear a leash on your puppy and make it loose while walking. Repeat this word and if your puppy makes a response, give him a treat.

  1. Sit

Capturing and luring is the 2 methods for teaching your puppy about how to sit. During capturing, stand in front of the puppy and hold some food in your hand and let him sit. If he sits, say the word “yes” and give him the food.  Luring includes the way by which you need to get down in front of your dog and hold some food as a lure. Put the treat in front of the nose of your puppy, and then slowly lift the food above the head of your puppy. This process will make him to sit.

  1. Stay


Before starting this command “stay”, teach your puppy about the command “release”. They need to move their feet when you release the cue. When he knew the release and sit on cue, put your puppy in a sit position, and give him a treat. Repeat this activity several times with a positive reward each time.

  1. Lay down


This command is very much similar to “sit”. Wait till your dog lies down and then give him a positive reward which will encourage him to do this activity again. Also, you can capture this behavior by reinforcing him with a treat. You can use the luring process to make him lie. Just hold the food in front of his nose and slowly bring the food to the floor. Just like another command, if he does it repeatedly, give him a reward.

Finally, these 5 commands are the foundation of any future training. This will help your puppy to become happy and more playful. Also, this will build a positive attitude in your puppy. Every owner should teach their puppy those basic commands as soon as possible.