Bone Broth Topper Products For Dogs and Their Benefits

Wellness trends like providing bone broth to your lovely dog is quickly gaining popularity among dog owners because of its clinical benefits. This trend has proven benefits and adds extra nutritional value when incorporated into the existing feeding schedule. 

Bone broth refers to a strong rejuvenating potion that comprises a high portion of collagen, glucosamine, minerals, amino acids, and valuable nutrients that extracts from the cartilage during the simmering process. You can serve this alone or mixed with meals. Bone broth itself isn’t similar to bone stock. This takes time during cooking and includes all the beneficial ingredients that come from the bone. As a dog owner, you need to understand the quality of the ingredients used in a bone broth for the dog. Because bone comes from the animals in which antibiotics and hormones were injected, the same will come into your dog’s broth if you didn't choose the right broth for your dog.

Pawlife Pets recently introduced three high quality bone broth topper formulas for your furry friends. Broth toppers like Agile Pup Advanced Formula - Bone Broth Food Topper, Pro Pup Bone Broth Food Topper, and Calm Pup Bone Broth Food Topper comprises different flavors and serve distinct functions in your pups. With proper diet and exercise, adding a broth topper will support your dog’s overall well-being. Below are some major benefits of bone broth topper in a dog’s diet that you might need to look for:

  1. Supports gut health and helps in digestion: Broth topper contains collagen and gelatin that helps to restore and protect the gut lining. This also improves digestion and fight against the leaky gut. Leaky guts help the undigested food and toxins to enter the body and develop allergies and food sensitivities.
  2. Protects the joint: Collagen in the bone broth protects the joint by maintaining the cartilage integrity of your dog. This also alleviates some symptoms of your dog with joint pain or arthritis.
  3. Liver detoxification: Liver is the only detoxifying organ in the body. Sometimes, the liver struggled in detoxifying with the amount of toxin your dog consumed every day such as chemicals from the floor, carpets, grasses, etc. Bone broth topper is a good source of amino acid glycine that helps to neutralize the toxins in the liver.
  4. Protects skin integrity: Broth topper comprises collagen which increases the skin’s elasticity and encourages to form of new collagen which is the basis of the development of connective tissue in the body.
  5. Strengthen the immune system: Collagen in bone broth comprises an essential amino acid that makes the immune system stronger and boosts the system to fight against foreign bodies like microorganisms and helps to produce antibodies.
  6. Stress and anxiety support: A natural blend of organic chamomile and hemp in our Calm Pup Bone Broth Food Topper helps to treat your anxious pups. This smoky chicken flavored broth topper acts on the nervous system and reduces stress.

Finally, a bone broth topper can be a superb addition to your dog’s current diet. This supplement comprises important minerals and nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, collagen, and gelatin that your dog needs.