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Fit And Furry: Exercises You Can Do With Your Pet

It’s no secret that dogs make fantastic workout pals. While you may already be taking them for a walk before or after work, your daily route may be getting a tad boring. Instead, try one of these great exercise ideas that will get both you and your furry friend moving!

Run instead of walk

If you have nature trails near you, it may be a good idea to take your pooch along to explore nature while trail running! The terrain and fresh air make this activity a little different to the walkies you’re used to.

Yoga / Doga

Yoga with your pup, a.k.a doga, is the art of practicing calculated stretches for fitness and strength. You can find tons of tutorial videos on YouTube to help you and your doggy get your Zen on.


If your dog already loves running after balls, and you need to work on your backhand serve, this is the perfect activity to enjoy together! Have Fido run around after your stray balls and get a workout in by doing your favorite sport together.

Cardio for fitness (and belly rubs)

Another variation on the classic walk-around-the-neighborhood, this circuit involves sprinting for 30 seconds, followed by doing a few squats and rubbing your furry pal’s belly. Sprint again, squat again, rinse, and repeat until you end up back at home! This gets you super fit, super fast.

Just keep swimming

If you’re lucky enough to have access to a dog-friendly pool, a pond, or a lake near your home, take your dog along when you go for a dip in the summer! Not only is it a great full-body workout for you, but swimming is incredible for easing sore joints in dogs and helps keep them fit without the impact of running, too!

Frisbee fun

Here’s an activity that the whole family can do together: ultimate Frisbee featuring your family pet! For this, you need a Frisbee, and a dog-friendly stretch of land to run around on. Your pup will love running after, catching, and retrieving the Frisbee as you throw it and run around after them!

DIY obstacle course

If your backyard is big enough, you’re in luck. Build an obstacle course and train like the greats when you set up hoops, tunnels, hurdles, blocks, and cones for your pup to navigate around and practice their make-believe show dog routine!

Keep in mind that different exercises are good (or less good) for certain pets, so always exercise with your pet within their capabilities and make sure they have a nutritious meal and plenty of fresh water to enjoy during and after their workout!