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How to Fix Dog Urine Patches in Your Grass

A Corgis dog outside in the grass with his tongue sticking out.

Playing catch with your pup in a lush, green lawn is one of the most enjoyable memories you can create together. However, many times, we don’t notice the green lawn nearly as much as we notice all of the yellow burn patches from your dog ‘going’ outside. By learning how to 1). Repair dog urine spots on your lawn and 2). A way to prevent them in the first place (say what?!), you and your beloved pup can enjoy a beautifully luscious lawn together.

Why does dog urine burn grass?

Well, here’s the short and sweet version. Your dog’s urine could be rich in nitrogen and when your grass is already healthy (has enough nitrogen), the urine will overdose the grass leaving behind burn spots or yellow discoloration. At the same time, if your pup’s urine is alkaline, it will also cause yellow discoloration in your grass.

How can I prevent burn spots?

The best option would be to train your dog go pee in a grass-free area of your yard. However, we know that’s not an option for many and can be pretty time consuming to say the least! This is the exact reason we created our all natural soft chew Turf Treats. Turf Treats naturally provide lawn burn protection by balancing the pH level and maintain nitrogen levels in your pup’s urine – it’s a win win, we promise! These yummy, chicken flavored soft chews are filled with only the good stuff like apple cider vinegar, cranberry extract, and probiotics so you don’t have to worry about what you’re giving your best friend. Now that we’ve talked prevention, let’s move on to fixing that already burned lawn!

How do I fix burn spots on my lawn?

Areas that are starting to turn brown are beginning to die and can usually be restored. You will want to water those areas deeply and repeatedly to dilute the urine salts out of the soil beneath the grass. This should help restore and blend in any discoloration.

For dead grass, you will want to try and remove as much of the dead grass as you can by raking the patchy areas.

Apply a layer of extra-fine ground limestone to the dead, grassy area and water thoroughly to promote absorption. Let it sit for a week before moving on to the next step.

After a week has passed, cover the patches with a quality top soil and sprinkle grass seeds on top. Gently water the newly seeded area using the ‘shower setting’ on your garden hose, being careful not to wash the seeds away.

Continue watering daily for a few weeks or until re-growth blends in with the surrounding areas. Try not to mow the area while re-growth is occurring.

With Turf Treats and just a little bit of yard work, having grass that’s free of those dreadful yellow dog spots is possible. Now head outside and enjoy playing catch with your grass-loving companion in harmony!