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Keeping Your Pets Entertained While You’re Away from Home

With more people in the workforce returning to their 9 to 5 jobs in the office, your pets are definitely noticing your absence after spending a glorious few months together at home this year.
While it may have been easy to keep them entertained with cuddles, treats, exercise, and generally being in each other’s company, your pets are undoubtedly missing the extra attention they had.
How can you make sure your furry friend doesn’t get too sad while they wait for you to return home during the week? Here are a few of our tried-and-tested ideas:
Bags and boxes
This one is great for cats, but curious pups are sure to enjoy this, too! Set out a few paper bags and cardboard boxes around the house for your pet to explore and play inside while you’re away. Some pets may chew on these, and that’s fine! This is a safer object to chew on than your shoes, for example. On that note…
Chew toys
You aren’t home to attend to those moments when it goes quiet in the house and your pet is likely up to something naughty. Setting out chew toys to keep their mouths busy and away from your shoes is so important! Some items to get include tummy-friendly chewy toys for dogs, and catnip mice and other fabric chew toys for kitties.
Consider hiding a few treats around the house for your pet to sniff out and enjoy a delicious surprise every so often. This is a great way to keep them snacking between bouts of play and to keep them occupied in a certain part of the house over others if you want it that way.
Pet puzzles
Curious pets will love an interactive toy that is fun to play with for more than a few minutes. Try a Kong toy for dogs, and stuff it with treats and peanut butter. Try a battery-operated toy for cats or a ball filled with treats that fall out as they play.

Give them a view
Sometimes, all your furry pal really wants to do is get a good look at the outdoors. If they aren’t able to move between indoors and outdoors during the day, make sure they have a big window and a comfy spot to sit at to watch everything happening outside. Cats especially will appreciate a nook in the sun, while dogs will love a view of a busy street.
Get a friend
The best thing you could do might just be to get your pet a brother or sister. Two pets are always better than one, and provided they get along really well, they will keep each other entertained for hours while you’re out.
Music for pets
It’s worth your time to check out a few pet-friendly playlists on Spotify and YouTube to play while your pets are home alone. Putting something on the TV may be something they’ll appreciate, too, and you can find tons of shows and music made specially for pets who love to be couch potatoes!
Remember to make sure your pet’s bowls are filled with nutritious food and fresh water when you leave home and get back after work, and then be sure to give them lots of cuddles and attention to make up for the hours you didn’t get to spend together!