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National Spoil Your Dog Day - August 10th

Puppy wearing sunglasses

National Spoil Your Dog Day is a day for us to shower our pups with adoration! Even though for most of us that is probably an everyday occurrence, we’ve rounded up our top 5 ways to honor your dog on this special day.

1. Make a Special Meal

This is the perfect opportunity to prepare a special meal for your dog! Mix in some of their favorite foods along with their regular chow. Flavorful dog approved fruits, vegetables, or bone broth are perfect options while keeping their meal healthy.

2. Grab a New Dog Toy

National Spoil Your Dog Day is the perfect reason to buy that $25 indestructible toy that you’ve been eyeing but sworn you’d never buy. If their much-loved squeaky toy stopped squeaking, grab a new one – better yet, take THEM into the store to pick out their new toy!

3. Create an Adventure

Some dogs are not able to get out as much, so National Spoil Your Dog Day is a great time to create an adventure for your pup. Try taking your dog out for a car ride. Buckle them up, put the windows down, and watch the jubilation on their face as the wind blows through their hair! Stop by the beach or a lake on the way back to enjoy the water. If there isn’t an ocean or lake nearby, head to the backyard to create a water park using your garden hose or sprinkler for some fun in the sun!

4. Dish Out the Treats

Our pups happily clean up our spills on the floor, never hold a grudge, and are over the moon excited each time we return home. For National Spoil Your Dog Day, let’s show our appreciation for all they do by whipping out some natural dog treats that taste great and also provide added health benefits!

5. Make It a Spa Day

Find a pet spa that offers grooming, massages, and pedicures to pamper your pup! Alternatively, you can select the Deluxe package at your normal grooming shop for extra treatment. Those of us that enjoy staying home can create a spa at the house as well! Draw an oatmeal bath followed by a massage session that your dog will love.